OZY Coverage: Boodigo’s Pure Porn Search Engine Scratches Itches

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Porn has about as much to do with real sex as Twinkies have to do with dining.

Sometimes canned, sometimes clumsy and only rarely truly sexy, modern pornography still manages to be between a $10 and $12 billion industry in the U.S., $97 billion worldwide. We did some quick math and figure that means: a LOT of people are watching porn. And yet, if you’re reading this at work and you turn around and ask your three nearest co-workers if they enjoy porn and use it to … relax, the faster-than-you-can-finish-your-question answer will be “No.”

Boodigo is betting there’s demand for a better way to find the porn you want.

But a skeptical look-see on their browsers is so likely to turn up uncomfortable search histories that a team of no fewer than five ex-Google employees decided to do something about it. That something is Boodigo. It’s a search engine that gets the very busy porn searcher to his or her particular poison faster, without having to wade through pages of non-adult content, and without leaving a compromising trail of breadcrumbs.

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Mikandi Boodigo News Coverage

A Search Engine For Ethical Porn? You Got It.

A question that comes up a lot in the sex-positive stratosphere is how to find woman friendly porn. A lot of people are searching for porn that doesn’t necessarily involve spitting in vaginas or facial after facial; porn that reflects real women’s bodies and sex the way it really happens.

But if you’re searching for that kind of porn on any mainstream search engine, good luck. Everyone from Google to Yahoo filters out adult content from their search results, even if it’s ethical porn. Try, for example, typing “anal” into Google. You’ll find a lot of how-tos from women’s magazines and a Wikipedia entry or two, but good luck if you’re looking for an image or video of actual anal sex.

That’s where Boodigo comes in.

Boodigo is a brand new search engine that was created by husband/wife team Colin and Angie Rowntree. Ethical pornographers themselves (check out Angie’s site sssh.com), they were tired of being filtered out of mainstream search results and decided to do something about it.

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