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BoodiGo Encouraging Submissions by Adult Entertainment Efforts of All Kinds

BOSTON – When BoodiGo co-founder Colin Rowntree looks out over the horizon of the online adult entertainment industry, he sees a fundamental contradiction in play: On the one hand, the public appears to be more accepting of pornography than ever before, but on the other, many mainstream web outlets seem to be going out of their way to marginalize online porn, censor links to it from their platforms, or otherwise hold online porn at arm’s length.

“We’re seeing more and more proactive removal of explicit materials from social media platforms, even if the material isn’t visible directly on the platform itself,” Rowntree says. “You can be a porn star and be on Facebook, sure; but effectively, you can only be a porn star on Facebook if you don’t really discuss the fact that you’re a porn star.”

In light of the less ‘porn-tolerant’ atmosphere growing among mainstream traditional and social media outlets, Rowntree says it’s all the more important that adult websites and companies of all kinds submit their URLs and domains to BoodiGo, where they will be given proper emphasis.

“In some ways, the initial focus on BoodiGo has been on the things we don’t want people finding in our search responses,” Rowntree said, referring to BoodiGo’s efforts to block and redirect searches commonly used to find child porn, pirated content and other illicit material. “But as an adult search engine, naturally our goal is to help people find what they’re looking for from the world of adult entertainment, and people can really help us help them, and help the consumer, by proactively submitting their URLs to us.”

It’s not just porn websites that Rowntree hopes to draw submissions from either; he hopes to receive submissions from all sectors of the industry, covering a wide variety of site types and approaches to the market.

“We want to hear from adult blogs, toy stores, people with adult tumblrs, porn star home pages, porn review sites, video-on-demand sites, authors and publishers of erotic ebooks, adult twitter feeds, adult tradeshows, adult industry media outlets – you name it,” Rowntree says. “Naturally, our anti-piracy policy and other content policies will apply, but if it’s legal and legitimate porn, it has a home – and an ally – in BoodiGo.com.”

To use the BoodiGo add URL tool, go to https://boodigo.com/add_url and follow the simple instructions provided.

Support the Search Engine that Supports Your Industry
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Boodigo is the very first adult-oriented search engine that takes the user directly to explicit 21+ sites without the clutter of mainstream search services, in a completely anonymous and secure online environment. Boodigo was developed over a one-year period by site developers and content creators in the adult entertainment industry that set out to create a superior search service without the security and privacy issues found on mainstream sites.