Boodigo was created by site operators and content creators who are also experienced search engine users and advertisers, so we have experienced the best and worst that search engines have to offer. In crafting Boodigo, we’ve eliminated the aspects of other search engines that annoyed or troubled us, and emphasized the elements that made search engines such indispensable tools for navigating the Internet in the first place.

Boodigo is designed to return accurate adult entertainment search results for our customers in a secure, private and anonymous environment. Boodigo does not use cookies or other user-tracking technologies to gather information about our users. We aren’t interested in building a “profile” on our users; our core mission is simply to help you find what you’re looking for in a way that’s as efficient, effective and enjoyable as possible. In other words, using Boodigo means finding what you’re looking for without having to worry about what someone else might be finding out about you.

Boodigo also proactively eliminates sites from its responses that are known security threats, distributors of malware or perpetrators of fraud, and works with rights-holders to ensure that unlicensed and illegal copies of their creative works are not found in our search results. This helps ensure that when you download content and materials you find through Boodigo, you’re downloading only what you intended to, free of viruses or spyware, and free of intellectual property concerns, too.

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5 thoughts on “About Boodigo

  1. Hi, fantastic, been waiting of this forever ! How about a link on our adult site, which reads ” search for porn on boodigo ” this would spread the word around, I’d be happy to do this on all my sites 🙂

      1. Thanks, thats awesome! I’m going to add this on all my sitesasap. One other thing, who do I talk to about my sites not been listed, I submitted them all 2 weeks ago and not a single one has been listed yet! Thanks!

        1. Thank you! We upgraded to a new cloud platform earlier this week as the old hosting was not able to keep up with the volume of spidering of new sites. Everything should be running promptly by early next week. Thanks for hanging in there as we grow!

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