August 15, 2016

Some Steamy Facts from about the Rio de Janeiro Olympics

About 9 Million Condoms Will Be Distributed &
Olympic-Style Sex Is Definitely on the Agenda in Rio!

TORONTO (August 15, 2016) – Popular gay hookup site has dug up some steamy facts about the Rio de Janeiro Olympics that are sure to make these games hotter than ever. The site’s crack staff has made public that authorities are preparing for a big sexfest during the games by distributing 9 million condoms – 450,000 of which will go to athletes and staff.

“There’s no doubt Rio is the place to be if you’re a single and sexy world-class athlete,” said Attila Szatmari, digital business director for Pink Triangle Press,’s parent company. “Our research is showing that when you bring together so many attractive and well-built elite athletes together, you’re going to find a lot of hooking up going on! And it’s not just on the field, in the stadium or in the pool where attraction begins. It’s in the stands and at home as people watch these sexy competitors flex their muscles and show off their bodies!” 

Openly gay British diver Tom Daley said that the Olympic Village will be ground zero for sexual activity at the games. “The sex will be… Olympic,” he told MailOnline Before adding: “Who wouldn’t want a gold for that particular sport?

“It’s the one fortnight we can let our hair down,” he continued.”So we want to walk away with some salacious stories.”

Rua Farme de Amoedo, Rio’s hottest gay area with a sizzling beach, is quickly becoming the go-to spot for hookups and and hot guys turn up the heat at Carnival, a regular feature in Rio, by donning female attire during the festival. Moreover visitors are becoming familiar with the city’s colloquial expressions such as “Queimar a Rosca” or to burn a donut in Portuguese – a reference to anal sex; as well as “Molhar o Biscoito,” or to dip the cookie; and “Descabelar o Palhaço,” or to mess up the clown’s hair, a clear allusion to masturbating and soiling one’s pubic hair.

“Brazil has some of the most beautiful and passionate people so it’s good to see them provide such a sex-positive environment for the world to enjoy,” Szatmari said. “With same sex marriage made legal in the country three years ago, these games are the perfect place to put that wedding ring on that finger!”

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