GameLink Management Team Earns 3 Nominations for 2015 XBIZ Executive Awards Execs Ilan Bunimovitz, Jeff Dillon, & Danny Z. Are Recognized for a Year of Outstanding Achievements!

CYBERSPACE (November 2, 2015) – The management team behind popular adult e-tail site, as well as membership sites and, has received three nominations for the 2016 XBIZ Executive Awards. The nominations are a testament to GameLink’s constant growth and marketplace impact under operator, as well as the individuals’ leadership skills and vision throughout the year.

Ilan Bunimovitz, who is the owner of GameLink’s operator,, is nominated for Businessman of the Year. eLine’s Vice President of Business Development, Jeff Dillon, joins Bunimovitz with a nomination for Community Figure of the Year, while eLIne’s Marketing Manager, Danny Z, is up for Marketing Executive of the Year. 

The nominations come as GameLink solidifies its role as the leading e-tail website in the adult industry. Its executive team continues to successfully steer the site through a landscape of changing delivery platforms, including the development of its cloud streaming service, which eliminates download time for consumers.

The move is the newest in a long line of innovative delivery methods by the company, such as adding pay-per minute streaming options in 2011, offering scene-only downloads instead of full movies, and joining with webcam partners to provide access to live adult models.

“We are all very honored and thankful to receive these nominations and be a part of this annual event,” said Jeff Dillon. “We have a great owner and team working very hard to stay ahead of the curve in order to provide customers and our partners with the best products and services available.”

An industry veteran with multiple interests in web development, technology e-Commerce and related fields, Bunimovitz is the prime visionary behind the success of GameLink and its state-of-the-art video-on-demand and leading edge e-tail business.

Dillon is a key player in GameLink’s transition to digital marketing. The 14-year veteran in the adult industry facilitated the company’s integration into, and dominance of porn’s video-on-demand market.

With 15 years experience in the adult membership space, “Danny Z.” Kaufman is the prime mover behind GameLink’s transition into creating a new network of membership sites and related affiliate programs since his arrival. His branding, marketing, and industry outreach work continues to help push GameLink across new platforms and technologies as well as increase their awareness as a global brand.

“It has been thrilling working with Adam & Eve and TitanMen on creating and re-branding their membership properties, and the results have been amazing,” Kaufman said. “With Gamelink’s existing infrastructure and our renewed marketing efforts and affiliate outreach, we look forward to continued growth and expansion in the membership arena over the coming year.”

The XBIZ Exec Awards will be held as part of the XBIZ Events Series on January 12-15 at the Andaz Hotel in West Hollywood. The awards honor the industry’s outstanding individuals who have helped further their company’s success.

The nomination is the newest for GameLink, which earned the Retail Affiliate Program of the Year award at the 2015 XBIZ Awards.

About GameLink:

GameLink LLC, founded in San Francisco in 1993, is the original online adult store. GameLink focuses on online distribution of adult content through its website, which provides an enhanced user experience and state-of-the-art functionality. GameLink maintains distribution agreements with all major U.S. adult content providers and offers one of the largest adult content catalogs, available in multiple media formats, to include: video on demand, adult pay per minute, mobile platforms, download, adult DVDs, Blu-ray as well as select sex toys and apparel. The company has established an industry leading reputation for innovative online retail and eCommerce. GameLink’s first-in-class content delivery, database and personalization tools make the GameLink infrastructure among the most sophisticated and successful enterprises on the Internet. For more information, go to and

About the XBIZ Exec Awards:

Achieving success, reaching the pinnacle of ones’ profession and fueling brands that excite, influence, and motivate is the driving force behind the XBIZ Executive Awards. With constant economic and technological challenges and facing a mainstream business world that presents an uncertain relationship at every turn, today’s industry leaders represent some of the most progressive and creative group of executives in business today. The XBIZ Executive Awards celebrate these movers and shakers who pour their hearts and souls into their careers and, by doing so, propel their brands to new heights of success. For more information, visit

About the XBIZ Awards:

For over a decade, glitz, glamour and the biggest names in the world of adult entertainment have made the XBIZ Awards show the biggest night of the year and the most prestigious symbol of industry success. Since its beginnings, the XBIZ Awards has grown into a mega gala event, generating buzz throughout the business and media. Now in its thirteenth year, with an expanded list of more than 150 award categories, the 2015 awards show is set to feature the most expansive array of categories in XBIZ Awards history and will be held at a cutting-edge special events venue at LA Live in downtown Los Angeles, California, on Thursday, January 15. As the proliferation of adult entertainment into pop culture continues, the XBIZ Awards have evolved, drawing stars and hopefuls to the annual event. For more information, visit


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