Cosmo Boodigo Coverage – Meet the Married Couple Who Created a Safe Way to Search for Porn let’s you find porn without giving you a computer virus.

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Angie and Colin Rowntree are porn legends. They’re also married. In 1994, they founded the BDSM website together, and in 1999, Angie started the first ever porn for women site, by women, called Now they’ve launched, a safe search engine to find pornography that’s not pirated or full of viruses, and that won’t steal all of your information along the way.

I spoke with them about how they went from selling jewelry to producing porn, and how their new business venture is making it a lot easier to find good porn online. Seriously these people are wonderful.

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Fox News Boodigo Coverage: Ex-Googlers launch search engine for pornography lovers

It’s not every day that a new search engine takes its place on the Internet, much less one specializing in pornography as is the case with Boodigo, a tool developed by former Google employees who plan to make it the portal to the adult entertainment industry on the Web.

Boodigo made its official debut on Sept. 15 and “has taken off like a rocket,” Colin Rowntree, one of its founders and also the owner of the festishist porn site, told Efe in a telephone interview.

Rowntree and Wasteland teamed up with Los Angeles tech company 0x7a69, whose engineers spent over a year developing Boodigo’s operating system, including an algorithm that prioritizes links that are dismissed by mainstream search engines.

“Google and Bing have gradually been weeding out the industry’s adult content and that (for us) has been tremendously frustrating. If someone is looking for videos of oral sex and tries to find them via Google, what they get is an article by Wikipedia and advice from Cosmopolitan. And when they get what they’re looking for it can well be pirated material,” Rowntree said.

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“Boodigo” might be the best new way to find porn without selling users’ fantasies to advertisers. If there’s a porn version of everything, there had to be a porn version of Google, right? But of course there is: Meet Boodigo, the Internet search engine specifically for pornographic content, brought to life by a team of “Google refugees” who wanted to forgo the unsexy content that appears in many search results in place of adult entertainment.

The premise of Boodigo is simple: It helps people find unpirated, virus-free porn, without selling users’ information to advertisers. An added perk, according to Boodigo co-founder Colin Rowntree, is that porn searches won’t show up in users’ other search engine histories, nor in sidebar ads. But mostly, the site has the potential to prevent massive porn piracy.

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